“Sometimes Dirty, Always Nerdy”

Photos by Heather Schofner Photography

Burlesque came along and slapped me in the face with a silk glove, and I have loved it for doing so. I loved how it makes every womanly shape sexy and full of joy. This was my idea at age 22, and it never seemed like a possibility for me till “A Wink and a Smile.” That local documentary was my personal wake up call. But how to get started? I found my exposed beauty in art class; nude posing for life drawing. It felt natural being the subject since I started as the artist. Now to really perform: Jake’s on 4th had the perfect place for me to start. It wasn’t a Burlesque house, but it was a gay bar that had an amateur strip night with no negative feedback allowed. It has been a blast ever since. Looking back now, it seems that Burlesque has always been inside of me. I have always had a passion for making amazing costumes, pantomime performance, a vivid imagination set to music, character and story creation. These passions have come together to make Momo La Vein. She wants to forever push her limits of creativity and capability. I am so blessed to have a group to grow and share with in the fun. Momo will always try to take the audience on a magic carpet ride and keep it very hot to make you drool. I’m sometimes dirty, but always nerdy. She can only live on as a performer if you let her know. Spread the love, and she will tease you right.