Frida Fondle is a voluptuous mamacita from South America. Tart, spicy and sweet…she will make your mouth pucker, raise your temperature with her generous curves, and stupefy you with her charm. Rumor has it she makes the best ceviche south of the equator, and that’s no euphemism.
Born in Lima, Peru, Granddaughter of a Brazilian prima ballerina and flamenco dancer, Frida Fondle spent her formative years trailing her nomadic hippie mother, mostly in exotic, tropical places. Her love of dance, music, and theater began early in life. She took ballet lessons from her grandmother as a child, and was a thespian, cheerleader, mascot and majorette in high school, and later a scholar of art and design. Frida landed by sheer luck in Miss Indigo Blues Academy of Burlesque 101 class in early 2009. She was lucky enough to meet Bettie Beelzebub and Nani Poonani that summer and Tush! Burlesque was formed. Frida recruited a few of her classmates and colleagues, co-founding Olympia’s first burlesque troupe. She attended Burlycon from 2009-2013, performed at the former Royal Lounge, Jakes on 4th, The Capitol theater and at the Pantages in Tacoma.Painted Lady 072 319373_2350001677561_1475680479_2658977_1217061940_n frida framed frida biz card stock unicornsHer style is passionate, eclectic, colorful, artistic, and always bigger than life. She makes her own costumes, specializes in outrageous headdresses. Frida recently semi-retired from dancing to pursue a higher education, earning her masters in administering the public. In order to hone her public speaking skills, and keep one leg in her glitter tribe world, she’s taken on an semi-regular role as Mistress of Ceremony for Rock Candy Burlesque. Frida is embracing this new found way of connecting to the audience and enjoying a continued way being a part of the burlesque community.