Photos by Heather Schofner Photography

Vyxen Von Wolfie has been active in the Olympia dance community for the last 12 years and absolutely loves the creative expression of dance! She has trained in Ballet, Cabaret and Tribal Style Belly Dance, enjoying her jaunts into the fusion dance form, as it gives her more artistic freedom. Miss Wolfie encountered burlesque many years ago while watching a good friend travel down the path of sequins and rhinestones and glitter OH MY! She began meeting more burlesque performers with so many different backgrounds, styles and ideas. This little pup found herself in awe of the confidence and beauty each individual was building, as well as the theatricality and character development; Miss Wolfie decided to move forward. After her stimulating performances at Jakes, Vyxen VonWolfie was asked to join Rock Candy Burlesque just in time for the “Scandalicious” show in July 2012. Since that performance, Miss Wolfie has toyed with character metamorphosis, moving from strong to geeky for the October 2012 show “Sweet Screams”. She is very excited to see how she can express herself in each glittery character transformation. “Burlesque is about self-empowerment, self-love, and the celebration of one’s own body for what it is, instead of what it ‘should’ be.” says this enticing wolf. Be careful, she’s on the prowl!

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